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Union Truck Driving School was founded on the ideals of professional CDL training that will lead to gainful employment upon graduation. As new compliance regulations begin to affect motor carrier companies, truck schools are entrusted to ensure that companies receive student graduates who are able to perform the duties of an entry-level truck driver.Furthermore, because of our focus on professional training that leads to gainful employment, we are able to assist and lay out a path that allows our student graduates a quick path to local driving positions.



truckOur guidance in this industry will let you determine whether this is the right career choice for you, and we are the first to address the issue that truck-driving is not for everyone. Our first objective is to ensure this is a viable and stable career for your career goals and ensure you receive the proper training to achieve that. Second, we will address financial assistance and how you may afford a professional truck driving school so you can begin your career as an entry-level truck-driver. Attending Union Truck Driving School and beginning a new career in truck driving is just a call or visit away!